Ultrasound Vascular Access Trainer

ScL 60530
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An echolucent and contoured slab with representation of the jugular vein for teaching needle insertion under ultrasound.



Skills Gained:

  • Use of ultrasound technology
  • Handling ultrasound transducers
  • Insertion of needles under ultrasound guidance
  • Handling and management of guidelines and catheters under ultrasound
  • Recognition of vessels using ultrasound

Product Qualities:

Echolucent material provides realistic ultrasound image

Vein is self sealing for repeated use and rechargeable with water via a one-way valve

Designed to be used on the bench top

Fluid volume and pressure can be changed in the vessel to represent variability in patient circulation, providing various levels of difficulty for needle insertion

Contains latex

Skin washable with soap and water

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Yderligere information

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