Traction Splint Electrical Trainer Mannequin

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  • Essential training kit for traction splint learning
  • Requires ability to regulate force applied
  • Can be adjusted to mimic patient's weight range
  • Electrical push button panel for simple selection
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The Traction Splint Electrical Trainer Mannequin is a quality designed essential demonstration mannequin. The use of traction splints is a near universal skill and is thereby an essential piece of equipment. The Traction Splint Electrical Trainer Mannequin is the ideal tool to facilitate this learning.

This Traction Splint Electrical Trainer Mannequin requires the ability to regulate how much force is appplied to a patient's leg. The Traction Splint Electrical Trainer Mannequin can be set to correspond to an individual's own body weight and this allows an instructor to determine if the student is correctly applying the right amount of force. The rule of thumb which states '10% of the patient's body weight traction results in adequae relief for, but no further damage to the patient.'

Features of The Traction Splint Electrical Trainer Mannequin

  • Weight adjustment range from 100lbs to 300lbs
  • Electrical, push button panel for simplified selection
  • Comes completely assembled
  • After applying traction, the deformity of the high recedes can splint can be applied including any standard ankle hitch

The Traction Splint Electrical Trainer Mannequin requires attachment to a secure base during training sessions