Suture Practice Kit

Varenummer :
ScKO 094
1.277,50  DKK inkl. moms 1.022,00  DKK
Kit for practicing suturing and incisions, which are basic procedures in clinical training. Suitable for practicing skin suturing techniques such as disinfection, suturing, ligation and suture removal.
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  • Sets the skin on a suture practice kit stand, enabling more appropriate skin tension.
  • Reproduces the realistic feel of ligation, enabling it to be performed at the appropriate tension.
  • Allows passage of thread or yarn through the suture practice kit stand hook for practice in tying knots.
  • Allows repeated practice by being able to replace the suture practice kit pad.


  • Suture practice kit pad: Approx.15(L) × 15(W) × 2(H)cm Approx.38g
  • Suture practice kit stand: Approx.20(L) × 14(W) × 2.7(H)cm Approx.140g


  • 5 x Suture practice kit pad
  • 1 x Suture practice kit stand (with Adhesive gel pads) 


  • Suture practice kit pad 5pcs
  • Suture practice kit stand (with Adhesive gel pads) 1pcs