Standard Catheterization Trainer Set

ScL 60853

The Standard Catheterization Trainer Set contains both Male and Female Catheterization modules and a single pelvic shell that is compatible with both units.

This cost-effective set allows the trainees to learn urinary and suprapubic catheterization techniques. The feel of the catheter passing along the urethra into the bladder corresponds closely to real life.




  • Supple urethra and resistant sphincter providing realistic response
  • Easily interchangeable male and female modules
  • Ability to view catheter path
  • Non-drip valve
  • Reusable double-sleeve catheter packaging is supplied for teaching aseptic technique
  • Syringe supplied with water-based lubricant to simulate proprietary local anaesthetic gel
  • Skin surface is washable using soap & water
  • Product is latex free (catheters provided contain latex)


  • Male anatomy: realistic meatus, flaccid penis, replaceable and removable foreskin
  • Soft labia allow trainees to practice parting using aseptic no-touch technique
  • Subtle meatus to simulate a more realistic learning experience
  • Presence of vaginal vault allows insertion of catheter in the incorrect location
  • Pre-ported bung for suprapubic catheter management
  • Pubic bone

Skills Gained

  • Correct handling of male and anatomy
  • Aseptic catheterization technique
  • Withdrawal of catheter
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Fluid management
  • Suprapubic catheter management


Yderligere information

Yderligere information

  • Mock LA Gel with Syringe (1)
  • Water Extension Tubing (1)
  • Water System (1)
  • Plastic kidney dish (1)
  • 14 French foley catheter (1)
  • Antifungal Agent (1)
  • Female Catheterization Module (1)
  • Male Catheterization Module (1)
  • Pelvic Shell & Stand (1)
  • Catheterization Foreskin (1)
  • Aseptic Catheterization Sleeves (1)
ProducentLimbs & Things
Ring for prisJa
Tilknyttede filer
Antifungal Agent (500ml)
Ekskl. moms: 329,00 kr Inkl. moms: 411,25 kr
Mock LA Gel with Syringe
Ekskl. moms: 76,00 kr Inkl. moms: 95,00 kr
Ballonkateter, latex med coatning, 5/15ml, steril, ch 14
Ekskl. moms: 175,00 kr Inkl. moms: 218,75 kr
Catheterization Foreskin (x3)
Ekskl. moms: 635,00 kr Inkl. moms: 793,75 kr
Female Catheterization Module

Female Catheterization Module

Ekskl. moms: 7.238,00 kr Inkl. moms: 9.047,50 kr
Water Extension Tubing

Water Extension Tubing

Ekskl. moms: 475,00 kr Inkl. moms: 593,75 kr
Water System

Water System

Ekskl. moms: 1.475,00 kr Inkl. moms: 1.843,75 kr
Male Catheterization Module

Male Catheterization Module

Ekskl. moms: 7.238,00 kr Inkl. moms: 9.047,50 kr