Series of Models Representing Congenital Organic

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OS 7
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Heart Defects in SOMSO-Plast.

Consisting of 4 individual models. 

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Heart Defects in SOMSO-Plast. Consisting of 4 individual models.

Weight: 1.75 kg.

Description as for OS 7/1 to OS 7/4. 

OS 7/1 - Transposition of Great Vessels
With defect of atrium and ventricular septum, Ductus Botalli. The typical feature of the congenital anomaly is for the aorta to arise from the anterior (right) cardiac chamber (ventricle). 

OS 7/2 - Fallot s Tetralogy
 This congenital heart defect is characterized by stenosis of the pulmonary valve and the outflow tract (infundibulum) of the right ventricle. 

OS 7/3 - Various Defects of the Ventricular Septum
The most common defect of the ventricular septum is in the so-called membranous septum, i.e. in the upper part of the ventricular septum under the tricuspid valve.

OS 7/4 - Total Atrioventricular Canal
In the case of this rare congenital anomaly of the atrial and ventricular septum there is a defect in every septum and the atrioventricular valve is not normally formed. 

Somso-models have 5 years warranty and 25 years warranty on spare parts.