RealCare Baby®

RealCare Baby®
The RealCare Baby and curriculum help users understand the physical, emotional and social effects of caring for an infant 24 hours a day. RealCare Baby® 3 is the only infant simulator that uses wireless programming and reporting. This Baby simulator features real infant sounds to simulate a newborn infant from birth to three months old. The infant simulator's head and neck require constant, proper head support just like a real infant.The infant simulator serves as a great tool for supplementing teaching and guidance in relation to parenting. Please note, that the infant simulator should not be used as the only tool for evaluation of parenting skills but as a supplement to observations and previous records of the potential parent.The infant simulator main target groups are young potential parents, the mentally challenged and socially vulnerable potential parents.
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RealCare Baby 3 starter pack-20
11.035,00 kr
Pregnancy Profile® Simulator Vest-20
Ekskl. moms: 6.200,00 kr Inkl. moms: 7.750,00 kr
RealCare Head/neck Assembly Replacement (Caucasian)-20
Ekskl. moms: 875,00 kr Inkl. moms: 1.093,75 kr
RealCare Battery Replacement Kit-20
Ekskl. moms: 665,00 kr Inkl. moms: 831,25 kr
RealCare Participant Care DVD-20
Ekskl. moms: 1.600,00 kr Inkl. moms: 2.000,00 kr
RealCare Participant Care Card (set of 25)-20
Ekskl. moms: 330,00 kr Inkl. moms: 412,50 kr
One-piece outerwear for RealCare Baby with sensors for clothing detection.-20
Ekskl. moms: 256,00 kr Inkl. moms: 320,00 kr
RealCare Car Seat Detection Kit, 10 pieces-20
Ekskl. moms: 1.000,00 kr Inkl. moms: 1.250,00 kr
RealCare Car Seat Detection Kit, 1 piece
Ekskl. moms: 130,00 kr Inkl. moms: 162,50 kr
RealCare Sleepwear
Ekskl. moms: 120,00 kr Inkl. moms: 150,00 kr
RealCare Infant Bodysuit-20
Ekskl. moms: 90,00 kr Inkl. moms: 112,50 kr
RealCare Receiving Blanket-20
Ekskl. moms: 118,00 kr Inkl. moms: 147,50 kr
RealCare Diaper Bag-20
Ekskl. moms: 356,00 kr Inkl. moms: 445,00 kr
Infant Car Seat/Carrier with Detection Kit
Ekskl. moms: 1.522,00 kr Inkl. moms: 1.902,50 kr
Evenflo Infant Snugli Baby Carrier
Ekskl. moms: 470,00 kr Inkl. moms: 587,50 kr
RealCare Baby Accessory Package-20
Ekskl. moms: 1.675,00 kr Inkl. moms: 2.093,75 kr
RealCare 5-Baby Mobile Storage and Charging Case-20
Ekskl. moms: 6.785,00 kr Inkl. moms: 8.481,25 kr
RealCare Baby Control Center Kit (Software and X-stick)-20
Ekskl. moms: 3.510,00 kr Inkl. moms: 4.387,50 kr
RealCare Drug-Affected Baby-20
Ekskl. moms: 3.373,00 kr Inkl. moms: 4.216,25 kr
Ekskl. moms: 905,00 kr Inkl. moms: 1.131,25 kr
RealCare Single Charger (outside USA)-20
Ekskl. moms: 290,00 kr Inkl. moms: 362,50 kr
RealCare Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby-20
Ekskl. moms: 2.637,00 kr Inkl. moms: 3.296,25 kr
RealCare Shaken Baby Syndrome-20
Ekskl. moms: 6.057,00 kr Inkl. moms: 7.571,25 kr
RealCare Breastfeeding Device-20
Ekskl. moms: 121,00 kr Inkl. moms: 151,25 kr
RealCare Baby Instructor Key Ring-20
Ekskl. moms: 157,00 kr Inkl. moms: 196,25 kr
RealCare baby diapers with sensor (1 set of two)-20
Ekskl. moms: 140,00 kr Inkl. moms: 175,00 kr
RealCare Bottles, 1 piece-20
Ekskl. moms: 56,00 kr Inkl. moms: 70,00 kr
Student IDs ( 2 pieces)-20
Ekskl. moms: 78,00 kr Inkl. moms: 97,50 kr
RealCare Baby International Accessory Package-20
Ekskl. moms: 1.300,00 kr Inkl. moms: 1.625,00 kr
RealCare Baby®-20
Ekskl. moms: 7.525,00 kr Inkl. moms: 9.406,25 kr
Wristband for RealCare babysimulator (10 pieces)-20
Ekskl. moms: 33,00 kr Inkl. moms: 41,25 kr
X-stick Wireless Communication Adapter (no software)-20
Ekskl. moms: 1.690,00 kr Inkl. moms: 2.112,50 kr
RealCare Baby Two-Piece Outfit boy or girl-20
Ekskl. moms: 175,00 kr Inkl. moms: 218,75 kr

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