Pregnancy Simulator

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A specially designed multi-component, weighted vest that allows men, women, boys, and girls to temporarily experience typical symptoms and effects of being pregnant. Developed by Birthways, Inc.
Over 20 symptoms and effects of pregnancy are felt including.
Effects are simulated through the use of a rib belt and strategic positioning of various weighted components. This teaching model includes one main torso garment, two pregnant breast inserts, one rib belt, one vinyl belly bladder with 2-lb. weight, two 7-lb. insert weights, one 6-lb. bladder pouch, one maternity smock, one safety holding tray, one bottle water conditioner, one vinyl repair kit, one nylon tote carrying bag, an instructor’s training manual and DVD, laminated flash card, 30 informed consent release forms, and a laminated color poster on the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. In order for the pregnant belly to look and feel realistic (rounder) it needs more water in the vinyl bladder

FeaturesOver 20 symptoms and effects of pregnancy are felt including:
• Awkwardness in body movements
• Change in personal and sexual self-image
• Increased body temperature and perspiration
• Mild fetal kicking “movements”
• Postural changes of back and shift in center of gravity
• Pregnant profile - enlarged breasts and abdomen
• Pressure on bladder and other internal organs
• Shortness of breath
• Weight gain of 30-33 lbs.