Paracentisis Trainer

Varenummer :
ScL 60100

This trainer fulfils the fundamental component of core medical training in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of Paracentesis. Both landmark and ultrasound guided techniques can be practised.

It features ultrasound capabilities, and internal echogenic anatomy to allow trainees to become familiar with anatomy under ultrasound. Recognising how to safely insert a needle or catheter into the peritoneal cavity.

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Skills Gained:

  • Familiarity with the abdominal regions and underlying anatomy
  • Palpation of anatomical landmarks
  • Identification of excess fluid
  • Using ultrasound guidance, trainees can visualize the insertion site and check for vital organs beneath
  • Insertion of needle into the peritoneal cavity for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes
  • Professional-to-patient communication

Product Anatomy:

Torso featuring bony landmarks and umbilicus
Internal anatomy includes:
- Liver
- Spleen
- Bowel
- Floating Bowe


Product Qualities:

  • Realistic tissue and needle response
  • Landmark or ultrasound techniques can be practiced (side by side)
  • Internal echogenic anatomy to allow recognition of landmarks under ultrasound
  • Two 3.5 litre chambers can be filled with water for practise drainage
  • Cost effective consumable pads
  • Self sealing pads withstand up to 200 needle or up to 100 rocket catheter insertions
  • Ability to insert and remove drain
  • Positions both supine and lying on side