ORTHObones Premium Right Femur

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Artificial bones specifically developed for surgery workshops and medical engineers.

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ORTHObones by 3B Scientific perfectly resemble a human bone and offer exceptional value for a low price. The impressive realism lies within the two part construction of the hard, outer cortical shell and the softer, inner cancellous bone. These are the highest quality and most realistic artificial bones on the market! The femur bone can be used by surgeons to practice hip replacement surgeries or by medical engineers to demonstrate a new medical device. This artificial bone is the closest you can get to the real thing! Overall length: 47 cm Canal diameter: 8 mm Head diameter: 43 mm Lateral to medial condyle: 74 mm


Artificial bones specifically developed for surgery workshops and medical engineers. • Excellent biomechanical characteristics • Strength properties similar to real bones • Demonstrate and train procedures • Display medical devices The excellent mechanical characteristics and the exact anatomical details as well as a very economic price point are setting 3B Scientific® ORTHObones apart from other workshop bones on the market. Key to the impressive similarity to real bones is the multi-layered construction of cortical and cancellous bone and the innovative production process. ORTHObones are made from a special mixture of plastics that enable the use of imaging procedures, such as x-rays, without any preprocessing of the material. ORTHObones are suitable for practicing a very wide range of osteosynthetic procedures. Screws can be secured to the rigid cortical bone, and implants and plates can be used on it. • High quality product • Anatomically correct • High contrast x-rays possible • Better training results thanks to the realistic mechanical features • Dual component composition: cortical and cancellous bone • Suitable for large workshops: excellent value for money