Obstetric Assistant Model Set type Ⅱ, Hiroko

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Obstetric assistance during normal delivery, including the side-lying and hands-and-knees positions, can be practiced.
This set allows trainees to practice a series of obstetric assistance techniques, such as protecting the perineum and inspecting the fetus and placenta.

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This set supports practice for obstetric assistance for normal delivery, including free-style delivery (the side-lying and hands-and-knees positions).

The presence of legs makes it possible to the practice by reproducing a near-clinical setting. (The feet can be detached.)

The fetal model can reproduce the third rotation. This also makes it possible to practice assistance techniques during vacuum extraction and forceps delivery.

The placenta model's umbilical cord can be manipulated with Kocher forceps and an umbilical clip. It is also possible to reproduce the nuchal cord.

The vulva of the previous models (Vaginal Examination Model-Vulva Ⅱ ScKO101F, Obstetric Model-Vulva Ⅱ Primipara Type / Multipara Type ScKO101P / ScKO101M and Perineal Suture Model - Vulva ScKO0635) can be used with this set.

Free-style delivery

The model can reproduce not only the supine position but also hands-and-knees and side-lying positions.
Obstetric assistance can be practiced in each body position by rotating the fetal model according to its position