Nasogastric Feeding – The Hungry Manikin

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ScAR 331

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  • This model was designed by nutrition nurses at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to? demonstrate to parents/carers the technique for inserting nasogastric and gastrostomy tubes in children
  • This simple to use simulator helps identify the stages of placement, ensuring that the nasogastric device is passed safely and correctly.
  • This child manikin enables parents/carers to visualise the correct positioning of nasogastric and gastrostomy tubes and also practise the associated techniques
  • Families have reported that The Hungry Manikin gave them invaluable practice and? increased their confidence and understanding.
  • Measurement, placement and securement of nasogastric tube
  • Insertion of gastrostomy tube
  • As the manikin accepts fluids, training in the following procedures is now possible:
    • Aspiration of the stomach for confirming correct tube placement
    • Measuring pH (acidity/alkalinity) of stomach aspirate
    • Enteral feeding via nasogastric or gastrostomy tubes
    • Administration of liquid based medicines

  • The Hungry Manikin has been significantly?improved?so that fluids can be introduced into the stomach
  • The transparent cover is now removable and, by means of a simple connector, the stomach can be removed for cleaning
  • Movable epiglottis to demonstrate swallowing
  • Transparent body - allowing trainees to observe the tube being passed
  • Divided nasal septum
  • Gastrostomy opening
  • Representation of lungs and oesophagus

  • Nasogastric tube
  • Enteral syringes (60ml and 20ml)
  • Instruction manual
  • Rigid carrying case

  • Size 8 Fr Nasogastric and Size 12 Fg Ryles tubes?should be used with this model