MDF® Pulse Time™ Teaching Stethoscope

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Designed to increase acoustic amplification and detect high-pitched sound, this instrument is well-suited for general examination and blood pressure measurement in an academic setting. No longer do medical instructors have to describe faint sounds to students with this quadruple output acoustic stem. With the MDF® Teaching Stethoscope, instructor and students listen to the same source of sound, which offers multi-functional teaching applications and necessary flexibility. The advanced chestpiece is made of lightweight anodized aluminum and the diaphragm is fitted with the unique raised ultra-thin fiber diaphragm for greater amplification and transmission of heart and lung sounds. The AccuFit™ adjustable headset crafted from chrome-plated brass is equipped with ComfortSeal™ eartips to provide medical professionals with an anatomic fit for extended usage comfort and superior acoustic transmission. Acoustic tube in the Y-configuration is constructed of non-cracking, nonsticking, high-density, latex-free PVC. Includes two additional ComfortSeal™ eartips, ultra-sensitive diaphragm, and ID tag. Full lifetime warranty and free-parts-for-life program from manufacturer.