Maternity Simulation Jacket - Polyester

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This simulation jacket is ideal for experiencing the life and activities of a pregnant woman, and learning how to assist her.

It will cater especially to the educational needs of midwifery, public health nursing, nursing and also for expectant parents.

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The jacket is designed to fit an average woman of 155-165 cm in height, but also will fit an average man of up to 185 cm in height.
Quilted material is used for the jacket to allow close contact with the body.

Adjustable straps allow the jacket to be worn by people of a variety of different sizes.

A high safety standard is assured thanks to a urethane gel filling and weight adjustment bags containing iron particles.

The weights can be adjusted and fixed with hook-and-loop fasteners to enable simulation from second to third trimester pregnancy.

Abdominal fetus parts and amniotic fluids are made from urethane gel and give a sensation very close to that of a real human body.

Jacket: 10% cotton, 90% polyester
Abdomen: Urethane gel
Weight for adjustment: Iron grain
Storage bag

Approx. 7.3 kg
Gel: Approx. 3.5 kg
Iron grain bag: Approx. 1 kg × 3 pieces
Jacket: Approx. 0.7 kg

Maternity Simulation Jacket ScKO54 and Maternity Simulation Jacket Ⅱ ScKO65 are different in material quality for jacket and material kind for abdominal fetus parts.