Maternity Model Type II

Varenummer :
ScKO 43
This life-sized model can be used for training of Leopold's 4-step Maneuver, monitoring the heartbeat of the fetus and abdominal measurement. By inflating air instead of amniotic fluid (water), a very realistic feel is reproduced. An internal synthesizer reproduces the realistic heartbeat sound of fetus. Volume and speed are adjustable.
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  • The trunk skin and fetus material are made of a special silicone rubber with an appearance and texture that closely simulates human skin, for realistic practice.
  • The model contains a pelvis that enables realistic palpation to check the pubic symphysis and the ilium during uterine fundal height measurement and external pelvimetry, with a sensation that closely resembles an actual human body.
  • The amnion can be filled with air to make handing and control easier.
    The air pressure level of the air in the amnion can be checked with an indicator and adjusted to change the palpation sensation.
  • An internal synthesizer enables auscultation of a realistic fetal heartbeat sound.
    The volume and speed are freely adjustable.
  • Traube stethoscope monitoring of the fetal heartbeat can be practiced.
    The heartbeat sound can also be emitted from a speaker on the side of the panel.
  • Body Skin 1
  • Abdominal wall piece 1
  • Fetus in amnion 1
  • Two-way stopcock (with Luer fitting) 1
  • Rubber bladder 1
  • Birth canal pads (1 small, 1 large)
  • Baby powder 1 AC adaptor 1
  • Abdominal wall protective sheet 1
  • Storage bag 1