Lipom Pad

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ScL 00081
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The full procedure for the removal of a lipoma can be carried out on this pad.

Use with Skin Pad Jig (ScL 00550).


  • Designing the incision
  • Marking out the lipoma
  • Incising the skin
  • Blunt dissection
  • Removal
  • Closure

Product Qualities:

  • Presents pads on a curved lifelike profile allowing incisions to gape, akin to real life
  • Flexible plastic allows for realistic ‘give’ of skin pad when pressure is applied
  • Optional jig strap allows use with simulated/standardized patient
  • Use with:
    Professional Skin Pad Mk 2
    Wound Closure Pad
    Lipoma Pad
    Sebaceous Cyst Pad, Curettage, Snip and Shave Excision Pad
    Minor Skin Procedures Pads
    Two Person Minor Surgery Pack
  • Sucker feet work effectively on smooth work surfaces
  • Stable and non-slip


  • Contains 2 lipomas
  • The lipoma is consistent with that found in a patient:
    • lipoma sited within the fat layer
    • precise replication of in-vivo adhesion
    • all layers of tissue can be identified
  • Pad Dimensions 125mm x 72mm
  • Use with Skin Pad Jig Mk 3 ScL 00550

  • 1 Lipoma Pad