Intramuscular Injection Training Buttocks

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The intramuscular injection simulator with a feedback system.
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- The touch feeling of the model is similar to real human skin.
- The buttocks model is composed of epidermis layer, muscular
  layer and skeletal frame.
- The skin is made of soft silicon that leaves no needle marks.
- Ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal site injection practice is
- Both side of buttocks can be used for practice.
- Drug injection and Automated drain
- Mechanical pump drains the injected liquid automatically.
- Self training and Evaluation mode are supplied.
- The location and depth of injection is detected and displayed.
- Animated video and Guidelines for injection procedures are
- The evaluation results are stored with Graphic database.
- Touch screen type user interface with tablet PC.
- Automated on-line connection with Bluetooth interface.
- User can select AC 110V/220V 60/50Hz power or Battery
- The efficacy of training can be maximized by graphic
  animations with?anatomical representation