Forceps/Vaccuum Delivery OB Manikin

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ScN 1377
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The manikin used in “Advanced Life Support in OBstetrics” (ALSO) training programs. All of the same realistic and accurate anatomical features as in our OBstetrical manikin ScN180, but with added features of, premature and full term fetuses. The soft vinyl pelvis replicates the resistance encountered in a delivery requiring forceps or vacuum intervention. The removable abdominal overlay provided with this manikin is different from those that come with the ScN180 OB Manikin, but the overlays are interchangeable, and optional.

Latex free.

InstructionScN 171 Opaque Overlay
ScN 172 Premie Manikin
ScN 173 Newborn Manikin
ScN 182 Vulva
ScN 183 Transparent Overlay
ScN 184 Pregnant Overlay with permanently installed fetus
ScN 185 Placenta
ScN 187 Inflation Bag (necessary for pregnant overlay)
ScN 159 Umbilical Cords (1 dozen)
ScN 161 OB Reservoir Bag
ScN 162 Methyl Cellulose (simulated amniotic fluid)
ScN 225 Simulated Blood Powder?

Forceps/Vacuum Delivery OB Manikin comes with:


  • Powder to make simulated blood
  • Extra vulva, and soft carry bag are included.


Size: 53x33x43 cm
Weight: 7 kg 

Forceps & Vacuum Extractor not included