Difficult Airway Management Simulator - Training Model

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The Difficult Airway management (D.A.M.) Simulator offers realisti c airway management training. Including various lessons: mouth opening (3 steps), neck flexibility (2 steps) and inflatable tongue and laryngospasm

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Difficult Airway Management Simulator offers unprecedented experience in DAM training with wide varieties of settings.Accurate anatomy and realistic feeling of airway will meet requirements of all levels of trainees.

  • 24 case combinations
  • Training in Emergency, Pre-Hospital, and Clinical Settings
  • True-to-life articulation allows for head-tilt/chin-lift and jaw-thrust techniques
  • Setting the head at "sniffing position," intubation with laryngoscope can be performed
  • A variety of possible airway skills: Intubation with a laryngoscope, BVM ventilation, nasal intubation, Laryngel mask ventilation, use of video laryngoscope