Desperate Debra® - Impacted Fetal Head Simulator

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New model?
Developed in collaboration with Dr Graham Tydeman, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology - NHS Fife, Professor Andy Shennan - Professor of Obstetrics, Maternal and Fetal Research Unit, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and Annette Briley – Consultant Midwife, Clinical Trial Manager, Maternal and Fetal Research Unit, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, the?Desperate Debra®?simulator has been designed to facilitate the training and implementation of correct clinical procedures when confronted with?impaction of the fetal head?- a serious and potentially life threatening event.?
Obstetrics has taken the lead in reducing the number of perinatal and neonatal complications by developing emergency drills for major events such as shoulder dystocia and breech delivery using simulators. Until now, however, no simulator has previously been available for training in dealing with an impacted fetal head.

The following training skills are possible:?

  • Vaginal examination in advanced labour
  • Identification of fetal head position with palpable fontanelles, variable degrees of flexion and asynclitism
  • General introduction to caesarean section?and fetal head delivery
  • Successful delivery of an impacted fetal head at caesarean section with adjustable degrees of difficulty


FeaturesThe Desperate Debra® simulator is highly realistic?featuring a pregnant abdomen with pre-cut caeserean incision, uterus and fetal head of a birthing mother with a unique mechanism to replicate fetal head impaction.?

  • Palpable fontanelles in fetal head
  • Variable degrees of fetal head rotation, flexion and asynclitism
  • Unique mechanism to replicate fetal head impaction with variable degrees of difficulty
  • Simulated pelvic bone cast from life?
  • Desperate Debra® simulator
  • Lubricant
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying case with wheels and handle for easy transportation