Deluxe Hospital Training Manikin

Varenummer :
ScN 20111


Life-size, instructional training manikin especially developed for practicing basic treatment and care. This easy-to-maintain manikin is made of a wash-resistant plastic for long life. The non-rusting steel joints allow lifelike movements and positions necessary for various exercises - the manikin can sit in an upright position with no support. Manikin comes with removable partial dentures in the upper and lower jaw, six interchangeable injection pads, and exchangeable male and female genital organs. With an amputation stump for the right thigh and all internal organs (lungs, stomach, heart, part of the intestine, bladder, and internal genitals), this model allows the practice of virtually all patient care procedures

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Possible Procedures:

General Nursing:
•Personal Hygiene/Bed Baths
• Making/Changing Bed & Clothing
• Relieving Bed Sores
• Handling Injured Limbs
• Inhalation & Oxygen Treatment
• Artificial Respiration
Male or Female Catheterization

• Wet/Dry on Normal or Amputated Limbs
• Tracheal
• Purgative & Glycerine
• Upper Arm
• Thigh
• Buttock
• Eyes
• Ears
• Stomach
• Intestine
• Bladder
• Vagina
Tracheotomy Care
Ostomy Care