Breastfeeding Simulation Set

ScKO 113A
Ekskl. moms: 10.500,00 kr Inkl. moms: 13.125,00 kr

The optimal set for experiencing breastfeeding support.
Users can feel adequate close fit when wearing the KOKEN Postpartum Breast Care Model and can take a natural breastfeeding positon.
By attaching the Latch on mask for KOKEN Baby to their KOKEN Baby, users can simulate a baby's appropriate latch.




  • By using both the KOKEN Breastfeeding Simulation Set and KOKEN Baby together, users can practice a "handsoff" approach to the support of breafeeding.
  • Users can observe and practice caring for the nipples and breasts.
  • Simulation of engorgement of the breast enables users to observe the engorged state and practice methods for alleviating engorgement.
  • Users can learn through experience that a correct latch cannot be achieved when the breast is engorged.
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