AirSim Advance Crico I

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The Advance Crico combines all of the standard features of the Advance product with the addition of a simulated cricoid cartilage to facilitate training in both needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy procedures.

  • Training in/use of:
    - needle and surgical?cricothyroidotomy
    - awake fibreoptic?examination
    - tracheal and nasotracheal?intubation
    - video and standard?laryngoscopy including?Sellick Manoeuvre
    - full range of?supraglottic devices
    - bag & mask ventilation
  • New larynx insert with tracheal rings for added anatomical realism
  • The newly designed neck skin allows for a rotation movement after each procedure and can be used for 25+ times thus improving usage
  • Added use of subcutaneous fat tissue to offer added difficulty in identifying the correct landmarks