Advanced Chest Drain Pads (Pack of 10) - Light

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For use with Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer ScL60230

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Suitable for Seldinger technique*
Allows blunt dissection
For use with liquids – e.g. effusion, or hemothorax*
Guidewire insertions will self-seal allowing multiple uses
For open/surgical techniques where effusion or hemothorax are required
Open/surgical incisions will not self-seal
Can be sutured
Can use with adhesive dressings
Shows respiratory swing*
*features unique to the Advanced Pad and not present in Standard Chest Drain Pad

Pleural layer, providing realistic give, or “pop”, on puncture with forceps or finger
Needle, guidewire, dilator, and drain-tube can all be realistically inserted

Recommend usage of 12 FG catheter

Latex free