"AbdoAbby" Abdominal Examination Simulator - No stethoscope

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True-to-life representation of tactile features of abdominal organs, which are convincing enough to serve as a benchmark in cultivating the sense of touch

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  • Supple, resilient and delicate textures which allow both shallow and deep palpation
  • Interchangeable organs
  • Respiratory motion

Training skills / Applications

Visual Inspection: abdominal regions

Auscultation: renal bruit / aortic bruit / iliac artery bruit / bowel sound

Palpation: liver / spleen / kidney / uterus / inguinal area

Percussion: liver / spleen / ribs

Pre-training for OSCE

  • Preparation: Acquisition of knowledge and image training using E-learning and videos
  • Demonstration: Demonstration by lecturer using ScK43
  • Group work: Learn procedures by groups using ScK43
  • Presentation: One person from each group gives presentation in OSCE format
  • Feedback: Feedback from the lecturer about the presentation

Set includes
1 male torso unit / 1 talcum powder / 1 set of the respiratory motion control unit / 2kidneys (hydronephrosis, cysts) / 2 spleens(slightly enlarged, enlarged)/ 2 spleens(slightly enlarged,enlarged)/ 4 livers(precirrhosis, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, normal)/2 inguinal lymph nodes(normal,lymphoma)/2 uterus (normal,fibroid)/1 simulated stethoscope / 1 controller/1 AC adapter/4 storage cases/1 instruction manual

Soft resin / Latex free