Pregnancy Profile® Simulator Vest

A nine-month experience in one remarkable simulation.

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A nine-month experience in one remarkable simulation. The Pregnancy Profile(r) Simulator simulates many of the physical effects of pregnancy, including 25-30 pounds of weight gain, raised body temperature, bladder pressure, fetal kicking, and more. The curriculum covers many concepts relating to the nine months of fetal development. One-size-fits-all vest with adjustable straps.

Each one-size-fits-most pregnancy vest features:

  • A water bladder to simulate elevated body temperature and fetal movement
  • A rib constrictor belt to simulate pressure from fetal limbs and difficulty breathing
  • A weight bag to simulate bladder pressure
  • Combined the vest simulates 25- to 30-pound weight gain 


  • Pregnancy Profile Vest
  • Rib constrictor belt containing two plastic balls
  • Water bladder
  • Bladder pressure weight bag
  • Carrying case
  • Embroidered t-shirt
  • Curriculum
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Yderligere information