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If you are looking for reliable equipment for CPR training courses, CPRLilly™ is the right choice for you. The CPRLilly™ CPR trainer has been developed and manufactured in Germany, and training with this manikin complies with the latest AHA (American Heart Association) and ERC (European Resuscitation Council) guidelines.

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CPRLilly™ is a CPR training manikin developed to operate economically for a long time thanks to the use of disposable airbags and a separate air chamber system. This CPR simulator is also extremely hygienic: the face masks can be cleaned and exchanged easily. Replacements are available in both skin tones. All material used throughout the production process complies with the highest standards in terms of quality and durability, and is nonhazardous.

 In order to reach the best training results possible, various feedback methods have been built into the manikin. A tone (which can be deactivated) will sound, when the correct compression depth is reached. The carotid pulse and the eye movement can be controlled individually by hand, and CPRLilly™ can react to the trainee by opening her eyes when spoken to. The upper body, dressed in everyday clothing with a zip jacket, shows all the important anatomical reference points. In addition to these features, the correct head tilt and the moveable jaw to demonstrate the jaw thrust manoeuvre, make CPR training with CPRLilly™ as realistic as possible.

Delivery contents: • 1 simulator

• 5 Lower face masks (including teeth)

• 25 Throat bags

• 1 Carry case

• 1 Tracksuit top

Weight: 8 kg    Dimensions : 78 x 39 x 26 cm

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