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Thermalert Monitoring Thermometer -. Long battery life - 1200 hours. This economical, easy to use thermometer is intended for continuous monitoring in the laboratory. The digital display reads to .1°C in clinical range 25-45°C. For safety, the unit is battery operated. Batteries last for 1200 hours. High stability - no calibration necessary. A variety of fast reading microprobes and special animal probes are available for the TH-5. TH-5 can be supplied with analog output for lab applications where strip chart recording is needed. Temperature range: 25 to 45°C, Resolution: .1°C, Instrument accuracy: .1°C ± 1 digit, Calibration: Conforms to National Bureau of Standards tables Monograph 125, Readout: .5" liquid crystal, Batteries: 4 "C" cells, Battery life: 1200 hours continuous, Analog output: Available at extra cost. Approx. lOmV per °C. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??