Rotisserie for 10 x 15 ml & 16 x 5/7 ml tubes

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Rotisserie (only) for 10 x 15ml & 16 x 5 / 7ml tubes
Revolver 360° Sample Mixer - Complete 360° rotation. Adjustable 0-90° mixing angle. Accepts a variety of tube sizes and mixes them horizontally, vertically, or any position in between. Changing mixing angle is easy simply turn rotisserie. No tools required. Optional H5600-15 rotisserie, interchangeable rotisseries accept tubes from 1.5ml to 50ml. Each rotisserie is split into two halves. Each half can be exchanged to mix more than one tube type at the same time. Each half can be rotated independently from a center point on shaft. Placing the halves in line with shaft produces an end over end tumbling motion, similar to that used to mix blood tubes. Rotating rotisserie at a right angle to the shaft produces a gentle mixing motion, ideal for delicate samples. Rotation speed is fixed at 18 rpm (20 rpm for 230V models). Optional H5600-50 rotisserie can be used in ambient temperatures from +4ºC to 65ºC. Ideal for a variety of laboratory settings such as molecular biology, biochemistry, clinical and histochemistry. Small enough to fit on a crowded bench, the rotator is easily moved where it is needed. Molded housing and unique rotisserie design makes the Revolver easy to clean and decontaminate. A 36 x 1.5/2.0ml rotisserie is supplied with Revolver.

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