Large Wessels Induction Chamber Replacement Filter

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  Replacement filter for Large Top (5/pk)

“Wessels Induction/Warming Chamber” provides continuous heat to animals being anaesthetized before surgery or recovering from surgery.
Quick Warm Up Time - Precision Temp Control? -Easy Cleaning
?10 Min Set-Up Time
1. Connect Chamber to VE-100 Controller.
2. Select Cage Plate Temperature 102°F (39°C).
3. Confirm Cage Plate Temp with IR Thermometer.
4. Place animal in Chamber and monitor.

VE-100 Precision Temp Controller
allows user to set a precise cage plate temperature based on current labora-tory conditions (Room Temp, etc.).
Filter Top allows animal to fully recover in chamber while unattended. Includes membrane for sealing filter top and outlet port to exhaust gas when used as an induction chamber.
IR Thermometer Quickly Determine Cage Plate Temperature Before and During Recovery.
Warming Chamber - Small Shoe Box Cage, 7” x 11” x 5” or Large Shoe Box Cage, 10” x 19” x 8”.

  • Thermo Probe Imbedded In Bottom Of Cage Floor For Accuracy.
  • Inlet Port for Gas Anesthetic When Used As An Induc-tion Chamber.
  • Cage Floor Sealed From Heating Element. Bedding Or Other Material Can Be Used In Cage.
  • Quick Pre-Heating & Continuous Heating With 700 Watt Heating Element.
  • Multiple Chambers (up to 6) Can Be Controlled By One VE-100 Controller.

?Add Additional Chambers Available:
WC-S1 Small Induction/Warming Chamber - Includes: 1 Small Chamber, 1 Filter Top.
WC-L2 Large Induction/Warming Chamber - Includes: 1 Large Chamber, 1 Filter Top.?