Lab - equipment

Lab - equipment
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iStir HP350 Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer-20
Excl. Tax: kr4,375.00 Incl. Tax: kr5,468.75
iStir UNO+ Motorized Magnetic Stirrer-20
Excl. Tax: kr3,115.00 Incl. Tax: kr3,893.75
Mimicky® Mouse Simulator
Excl. Tax: kr10,297.00 Incl. Tax: kr12,871.25
iRoll Jr Mini Blodmixer-20
Excl. Tax: kr1,024.00 Incl. Tax: kr1,280.00
iStir High Capacity Magnetic Stirrers
Price From: Excl. Tax: kr2,569.00 Incl. Tax: kr3,211.25
iStir HP550 Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
Excl. Tax: kr4,423.00 Incl. Tax: kr5,528.75
iStir HP 320 Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer-20
Excl. Tax: kr2,008.00 Incl. Tax: kr2,510.00
iStir MS10 Magnetic Stirrer
Excl. Tax: kr1,014.00 Incl. Tax: kr1,267.50
iStir Magnetic Stirrers-20
Price From: Excl. Tax: kr3,805.00 Incl. Tax: kr4,756.25
iStir HP Station Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
Price From: Excl. Tax: kr5,041.00 Incl. Tax: kr6,301.25
iRoll PR35 Digital Plate Rotator-20
Excl. Tax: kr3,548.00 Incl. Tax: kr4,435.00
iRoll DR 24 Digital Disc Rotator-20
Excl. Tax: kr3,481.00 Incl. Tax: kr4,351.25
iRoll Digital Bottle Roller (4 position) BR-5
Excl. Tax: kr4,017.00 Incl. Tax: kr5,021.25
iRoll Digital Bottle Roller (2 position) BR-3
Excl. Tax: kr3,399.00 Incl. Tax: kr4,248.75
Neuation iRoll Tube Rollers
Price From: Excl. Tax: kr1,081.00 Incl. Tax: kr1,351.25
iShak PS 10/20 Platform Shaker
Excl. Tax: kr6,489.00 Incl. Tax: kr8,111.25
iShak 3D 5 kg 3D-shaker-20
Excl. Tax: kr3,656.00 Incl. Tax: kr4,570.00
iSwix MV Vortex Mixer
Excl. Tax: kr7,931.00 Incl. Tax: kr9,913.75
iSwix VT Digital Vortex Mixer-20
Excl. Tax: kr1,596.00 Incl. Tax: kr1,995.00
iSwix Vortex Mixer-20
Excl. Tax: kr1,249.00 Incl. Tax: kr1,561.25
iFuge BL08VT Smart Personal Micro Centrifuge
Excl. Tax: kr1,508.00 Incl. Tax: kr1,885.00
iFuge M12 High Speed Micro Centrifuge
Excl. Tax: kr6,566.00 Incl. Tax: kr8,207.50
iFuge M08 Micro centrifuge
Excl. Tax: kr1,027.00 Incl. Tax: kr1,283.75 As low as: kr1,186.25
Stereotaxic for Mouse, SGL M, Digital,-20
Excl. Tax: kr51,697.00 Incl. Tax: kr64,621.25
Rat Adaptor (18° ear bars 68301 included)-20
Excl. Tax: kr3,962.00 Incl. Tax: kr4,952.50
Mouse/Neonatal Rat Adaptor-20
Excl. Tax: kr11,829.00 Incl. Tax: kr14,786.25
Standard Stereotaxic Instruments, SGL Manip 18 Deg. Ear Bars-20
Excl. Tax: kr15,886.00 Incl. Tax: kr19,857.50
Excl. Tax: kr22,223.00 Incl. Tax: kr27,778.75
Excl. Tax: kr21,109.00 Incl. Tax: kr26,386.25
Excl. Tax: kr28,906.00 Incl. Tax: kr36,132.50
Excl. Tax: kr27,793.00 Incl. Tax: kr34,741.25
Excl. Tax: kr57,869.00 Incl. Tax: kr72,336.25
Excl. Tax: kr634.00 Incl. Tax: kr792.50
Veterinary Anesthesia And Pain Management Secrets-20
Excl. Tax: kr444.00 Incl. Tax: kr555.00
Handbook Of Veterinary Drugs-20
Excl. Tax: kr667.00 Incl. Tax: kr833.75
Quick Reference To Veterinary Medicine-20
Excl. Tax: kr590.00 Incl. Tax: kr737.50
Excl. Tax: kr17,100.00 Incl. Tax: kr21,375.00
Excl. Tax: kr2,840.00 Incl. Tax: kr3,550.00
Excl. Tax: kr2,951.00 Incl. Tax: kr3,688.75
Excl. Tax: kr2,896.00 Incl. Tax: kr3,620.00
Excl. Tax: kr3,007.00 Incl. Tax: kr3,758.75
Excl. Tax: kr64,051.00 Incl. Tax: kr80,063.75
MultiGene Mini w/18 x 0.5 ml block-20
Excl. Tax: kr33,029.00 Incl. Tax: kr41,286.25
0.5 ml tubes (clear) flat cap-20
Excl. Tax: kr612.00 Incl. Tax: kr765.00
0.5 ml tubes (assorted colors) flat cap-20
Excl. Tax: kr624.00 Incl. Tax: kr780.00
MultiGene Mini w/24 x 0.2 ml block-20
Excl. Tax: kr33,029.00 Incl. Tax: kr41,286.25
0.2 ml tubes (clear) doomed cap-20
Excl. Tax: kr612.00 Incl. Tax: kr765.00
0.2 ml tubes (assorted colors) doomed cap-20
Excl. Tax: kr624.00 Incl. Tax: kr780.00
Excl. Tax: kr444.00 Incl. Tax: kr555.00
Excl. Tax: kr4,288.00 Incl. Tax: kr5,360.00
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