Anesthesia Workstation

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Anesthesia WorkStation - Compact (9" W x 9" D x 15" H), convenient system for use on animals under 7 kg (15 lb). In clinical trials the AWS is being used for long term anesthetic procedures on 150-400gram rodents. AWS has been shown to be effective with induction, stabilization, and maintenance of patients for neurophysiological testing using inhalant anesthetics for daily 8- to 12-hour procedures. Using the AWS, rats under isoflurane anesthesia have been subject to extended electrophysiological recordings of cortical responses. Throughout these procedures AWS has been shown to facilitate administration of anesthetics, holding the subject in a very smooth, controllable anesthetic plane, as well as providing precise respiratory control. Hallowell EMC Anesthesia WorkStation is easy to use as both a basic respirator (irrespective of anesthetic regime) and delivery source for inhalant anesthetics. It incorporates a time-cycled volume ventilator with an adjustable pressure safety limit. The only additional component necessary for immediate utilization is a vaporizer for the agent of your choice. Frees user from the restraints of the operating room to work on bench top when appropriate. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?