3D Programmable Pump

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The 3D Programmable Pump

The SAI model 3D™ infusion pump is the first state of the art syringe driver built specifically for large-scale GLP Toxicology studies. Multiple communication options, wireless and/or Ethernet, provide unparalleled versatility for the end user when coupled with the Axios™ infusion management software system. The SAI 3D™ provides the most versatile animal room power delivery configuration available. Power 1–48 pumps with one AC cord. The small footprint and multiple mounting position features are designed specifically for space-challenged animal rooms. The SAI 3D™ has all of the features present in modern medical purpose pumps but will never be discontinued or altered due to irrelevant software changes required in human use pumps.

Unique Features
• Small foot print
• Up to 48 pumps powered by a single AC cord
• Multiple mounting positions
• Power over Ethernet; one cord for both power and Ethernet
• Ethernet and/or wireless communication
• Syringe recognition
• Modern medical pump features; no threat of discontinuation due to “medical” requirements
• Repair and Calibration Kits available for complete “In-house” support
??Unique Benefits
• More pumps per room
• Less cords per room
• Multiple mounting options
• Communication Flexibility
• Reduces maintenance & repair down time
• Designed by Toxicologists for Toxicologists
Pump Specifications
Accuracy: +/- 3%
Battery Capacity: 24 hours
Flow Rates: 0.01 to 438 ml/hr
Power: 110 or 220V, internal battery back-up
Compatible Syringes: B-D, Terumo, Monoject
Alarms/Alerts: Low Volume, Syringe Empty, Occlusion, Low Battery, Incorrect Syringe, Dose Due,
Pump Idle, Syringe Mounted Improperly, Multiple Failsafe System Alerts?