ACF Pad - Venepuncture

ACF Pad Venepuncture: A soft tissue strap-on pad for use in venepuncture which represents the antecubital fossa of the right arm.

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ACF Pad Venepuncture: Soft tissue strap-on pad for use in venepuncture which represents the antecubital fossa of the right arm.


  • Professiona-to-patient communication
  • Recognition of the vein pattern through palpation
  • Insertion of a needle
  • Introduction of a cannula
  • Management of blood flow
  • When connected to a blood reservoir:
    - withdrawal of blood
    - use of a Vacutainer® or similar product
Yderligere information

Yderligere information

  • Designed to be strapped onto the antecubital fossa of the arm
  • Veins are:
    • self sealing for repeated use
    • rechargeable via a one-way valve
    • supplied with mock blood under pressure
    • replaceable
  • The pad can be connected to the Mock Blood Giving Set 60651 to simulate blood flow
  • Strong backing plate to prevent needle stick injuries
  • Replaceable epidermis is washable using soap and water

Comes with:

  • 1 pad base with strap
  • 1 Vein for ACF Pad ScL 00180
  • 1 Epidermis for ACF Pad ScL 00170
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